Hands touch many things a day, from outside to the family house, and these things may hide many many bacteria and viruses which cannot be seen by humans’ eyes. Then if you touch your nose, rub your eyes, touch your mouth or eat without washing your hands, these bacteria and viruses can enter our bodies.

So, “washing hands frequently” becomes the most basic and important way of self-protection. Developing good handwashing habits can reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening illnesses.

The touchless sensor faucet automatically shuts off the water after use, such as hand washing and face washing, thanks to motion detection sensors up to 30 cm. It saves water, even if you continuously sense the faucet, it will automatically stop water after the security time, like 60seconds, or 180seconds, it can be customized, all is up to the client’s demand. From the point of view of saving time and water, this is the currently accepted infrared technology to prevent the spread of bacteria.

There are also features that can be adjusted separately for sensing distance, and flush time. These multifunctional sensor faucets provide advantages in many situations.

Sensor faucets are thought to be sold at high prices due to their electronic design, but this is false information. There are many brands and products that offer quality service at an affordable price,
such as Acquaviva.

Sensor faucet prices are various according to certain features. There are no high differences between the prices of electric and rechargeable batteries. In addition, in cases where it is not suitable to install a battery with a sensor, there are apparatus that enables it to work with a sensor by mounting on taps.

Sensory faucets are thought to be selling at a premium due to their touchless electronic design, but this is not the right information. There are many brands and products that offer great service at affordable prices, like RAJEYN.

Sensor faucet prices are various from the different features, like different materials, different designs, and different workmanship. The price is not much difference between electric and rechargeable batteries.