Infrared sensor is integrated into a faucet body to make it touchfree automatic water tap. How does an infrared sensor water tap work? The infrared water faucet sends out an infrared LED beam (invisible to the human eye), once something interrupts this infrared beam – object like a hand – the infrared light it is bounced back to a receiver in the infrared sensor water tap which then switches on either a solenoid or thermostatic valve, to allow water to flow out. The infrared sensor also detects when you move your hands away from the tap and automatically stops the water flow.


Someone may ask are sensor taps any good? The answer is definitely yes. Although touchless faucet taps cost more than regular water taps, the initial outlay is offset by the reduction in your water bill, meaning they’re not only good for the planet, but good for your bank balance, too. Sensor taps can equate to savings as high as 60%, depending on the type of tap being used. With sensor taps there are several factors/reasons which ensure a more efficient use of water. Firstly, the water flow only occurs when the hands are directly in front of the sensor in the hand washing area. Secondly, at installation the water flow is set at a fixed level. Finally, there is no chance for water to be dripping or for accidental flow to occur after use by not turning the tap levers off completely.

Important point is the sensor tap system must have power, whether battery or a transformer/adapter (mains), or both (this means that if there’s a main power cut, it will automatically switch to battery). With electricity supply, the sensor can detect an object, like a hand opposite the basin tap. The solenoid valve opens when an obstruction is perceived. This way, water flows through the pipe and spout. Battery-operated sensor faucets will last for at least 1.5 years. Rajeyn’s sensor faucets are all with low power consumption and the battery life span even much longer.

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