With the growing need to uphold hygiene practices, bathroom sanitation become the most concern issue. Especially since proper hand-washing has been cited as an important practice to prevent COVID-19. For this reason, many are considering the adoption of sensor technology and contactless amenities in public and private spaces. This smart technology may be the future of bathrooms to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria to the maximum extent.

What is an automatic soap dispenser?


An automatic soap dispenser (also known as a touch-free soap dispenser, sensor soap dispenser) is a device fitted in bathrooms that are filled with a foam soap solution. The sensor operation of these dispensers means that users do not touch the dispenser, reducing the spread of germs and making them one of the most hygienic options available.

An automatic touchless soap dispenser is an amazing solution that comes with several benefits for public and private bathrooms.

1. Sanitation. The first obvious benefit of having an automatic soap dispenser is being able to dispense foam soap without having to turn or push any sort of switch, which helps to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between repeated uses.

2. Germs-free. The public areas use antibacterial soap dispensers for a good reason, that is to
prevent germs and bacteria from disseminating from one hand to another. Touchless soap dispensers reduce contaminated items or harmful microorganisms to spread in public places as well as our homes. This is the main reason why nowadays, having a sensor-activated soap dispenser is becoming quite popular.

3. Simple to use. A touchless dispenser has intelligent components that detect the presence of an object and automatically dispense foam soap or sanitizer.

4. Easy clean-up. Especially if you are using it as a kitchen soap dispenser, the time you use
for cleaning will reduce significantly. Dispensing takes only a few seconds, which means you can apply soap and start cleaning in a blink of an eye.

5. Economical. With traditional dispensers, it may happen sometimes that too much is pumped out accidentally. And often, we do not know how much soap is exactly enough to cleanse our hands properly. Sensor soap dispensers are more economical because they are designed to dispense only a certain amount of liquid soap solution each time. This prevents the unnecessary waste of soap solutions, which can save you money in the long run.

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