Touch and touchless technology are now commonly used in basin and kitchen faucets. Both types are innovative versions of the traditional faucets. They may sound like opposites but actually they are quite similar. Unlike a traditional faucet, which requires a person to pull or push a handle, touch and touchless faucets minimize the action required to turn the tap on and off.


The difference between the two is that a touch-sensitive faucet responds to physical touch, while a touchless faucet detects the presence of something in front of it without any touch. These two types faucets are convenient in daily use, especially applied in kitchen when your hands are mess with flour. They can make using the sink more convenient, can help you conserve water and can help you keep your kitchen clean and germ-free.

With a touchfree faucet, you dont have to touch anything at all, allowing you to wash your hands without spreading germs and grime around your kitchen or basin. Both touch and touchless faucets can be impressive upgrades compared to a traditional faucet.