Concealed Automatic Sensor Urinal Flush Valve

Product: Sensor Urinal Flush Valve
Model No.: RJY-Y8806A
Technology: Infrared Sensor
Power Supply: AC100-240V
Plate Material: Black tempered glass panel
Frame: Stainless steel
Sensor Distance: 50-60cm (Human Body)
Manual Override: Push Button with LED Light
LED color: Three colors
Inlet/Outlet Size: G1/2”


● Non-touching automatic sensor urinal flusher which brings you easy and healthy using experiences.
● Tempered glass panel with concealed wall-mounted valve body which are anti-damage and easy to maintain.
● Brass solenoid valve is durable for use.
● Easy to adjust the sensing distance and flushing time with dedicated remote controller.
● Automatic flushing once without using for 24 hours.
● Low power indication to remind you of replacing batteries.

More information will be available later soon.

More information will be available later soon.

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