Product number:RJY-K09-2
Max. Withstand Voltage:8V
Working Power:DC6V/AC220V(50~60Hz)
Static Power:≤25uA
Working Current:≥300mA
Battery Life:≥2 year
Water-off Delay:≤1.5S
Life Span:≥250,000 times
Working Temperature:1~60℃
Storage Temperature:-20~70℃
Water Pressure:0.05~0.6MPa
Media Temperature:1~60℃
Blasting Water Pressure:3.45MPa ≤300S
Water Hammer:0.2MPa at 0.5MPa
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Diameter:G1/2


● The control box has independent CPU, which can be adapted to different separated sensor modules.
● Super energy saving solenoid valve drive technology, 2 pieces AAA alkaline batteries will last 15 months with 50 circles per day.
● Compact design including solenoid valve, main PCBA and battery pack.
● DC/AC power supply


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