Nowadays, people care much about the hygienic and cleanness in the bathroom. When you go to a public bathroom, you need to press the toilet button or turn on the faucet by operating with your hands in the past. But after so many people use it, how many germs there will be? That is one of the reasons that we sometimes see some people not flush or act rude to the facilities, which makes that bathroom terrible and shorten the lifespan of the facilities. But now we have touchless sensor toilet flushers.

What are touchless sensor toilet flushers and how does it work?
touchless sensor toilet flushers use active infrared sensor technology to detect the presence of objects or people in the range of the detection.  When objects or people detected by the sensor, it is ready to work. When people leave the range, it flushes automatically without any extra operations.

There are three key parts: infrared sensor, solenoid valve and power supply.



The infrared sensor is to detect the presence of objects or people. Then it will analyze and then send signal to the solenoid valve the time to open and close. If you look at the sensor carefully, you will find the light in the sensor flash when working. Besides to indicate the working status of the sensor, the light also have the function to tell the users when it is low power, so it is time to replace batteries.




Solenoid valve is a key part of the touchless sensor toilet flusher. When it receives a signal from the infrared sensor, it should open or close the water flow instantly.
The material of the valve body is mainly brass. The inlet and outlet is usually G1”. The valve will normally be fix in a box and the box will be berried inside the wall. The box will also be loaded with battery case or transformer. With all the parts concluded in one box, it helps to protect the parts and also good for future maintenance. Also there are models that don’t need to be installed in the wall.


Power source is a must to provide energy to sensor and solenoid valve. Usually there are three types, DC type, AC type, and AC + DC type.

DC type means battery operated, normally 6V(4pcs of AA alkaline batteries) or 3V(2 pcs of AA alkaline batteries) .

AC means it is with a transformer to transfer 220V/110V to 6V/3V.

AC + DC means any of them will be fine. When both are connected, it will use AC power priorly and if AC power is cut off, it will switch to DC power automatically.



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