Touchless faucets are ideal when you want water on demand. Some people prefer a touch faucet because it gives the user more control. Less likely to accidentally open or close the faucet when you have to make physical contact rather than act in front of the faucet. But touching more things will increases exposure to germs and germs.

Touchless faucets require electricity to operate, either by using batteries or by connecting to the main power. Please check the contactless system packaging before ordering to ensure you have the proper power supply.

The lifespan of batteries in touchless faucets depends on the size and type of batteries required by the faucet. However, the average lifespan of a contactless auto faucet battery is usually about one to two years.

If the sensing range of the faucet is set too long or triggered by environmental factors, including light sources such as sunlight and reflections, the faucet may activate on its own. So please check more detail the environment before installing a sensor faucet.

Why choose a touchless faucet?
Touchless (sometimes called “electronic” or “automatic”) faucets are controlled by motion sensors (“electric eyes”) that open a valve to provide water flow when they sense a nearby hand and close the valve when the hand is removed.

Touchless faucets are considered particularly suitable for use in long-term healthcare facilities, not only for infection control but because they:
Encourage residents and staff to wash their hands frequently
Easier to use for residents with arthritis in the hands
Water saving up to 70%

Touchless faucets can make our kitchen or bathroom sink cleaner and easier to use. Since we don’t need to touch the handles or knobs, we can turn on the water with a dish in our hand, and we won’t spread germs or germs to other people in our home.

The hands-free activation turns on the water without touching it, which is very helpful especially when our hands are full or dirty. It limits the spread of germs or bacteria and makes sinks and faucets more hygienic. Touchless faucets are considered an upgrade that will add value to our home.