Automatic Faucet Sensor
A sensor system is to sense the presence of an object in front of the faucet and orders the solenoid valve to open the flow of water. Then, when the object is no longer present, the sensor and control electronics order the solenoid valve to stop the flow of water


Infrared sensors are widely used in automatic sanitary ware, such as sensor faucets (or sensor taps), automatic urinal flusher and toilet flush valves, and sensor soap dispensers, creating a hygienic and safe environment for public restrooms and private homes.

Sensor Technical Parameter:

Power supply DC 4.3~6.4V
Static power ≤0.15mw(≤25uA)
Default sensor range 250mm (faucet)
Sensor range 180mm-380mm (faucet)
Sensor range error ±10% of the rated sensor range
Max output current 800mA
Output pulse width 35ms
Low voltage alarm Working voltage≤4.4±0.2, sensor alarm
Security stop 60s seconds auto shut off ( customizable)
Shock resistance Hit or beat is not allowed
Usage Used for sensor faucet, urinal, toilet, concealed cistern, soap dispenser, shower, etc.
Sensor life circle 500,000 circles
Warranty 1 year
National Patent ZL2007200068368

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