Do you know what is a sensor operated soap dispenser? Sensor operated soap dispenser is actually a soap dispenser that dispenses a controlled amount of soap or sanitizer solution. The implementation of automatic washroom supplies such touchfree faucet, automatic flush valve and hand free soap dispensers, has increased dramatically, especially in corona virus period. Moreover, an increasing number of public locations and private institutions have been incorporating touchless technology into their washrooms. At the most of the time, liquid soap is filled into the soap bottle, which is under the basin. It’s not that convenient since you have to take out of the soap bottle from the soap dispenser, fill the soap and then install back. Now we Rajeyn launched a new automatic soap dispenser that users can fill in the soap bottle at the countertop. Users take out of the faucet body cover at top of the faucet body, fill in liquid soap and then fix back the cover. It’s much easier and conveniment for after-sales matainence.

Besides “adding soap at the top” feature, this soap dispenser sensor distance is auto-calibrated. The soap dispenser will automatically adjust the sensing distance according to the environment within 20 seconds after switching on the power supply. Be aware that there must not be any object in front of the sensor or the sensor will detect the object and the sensor distance will be set based on the distance between the sensor and the object.

Some users may have trouble of getting soap when a new sensor soap dispenser is installed because you have to wait until the long empty soap hose filled with liquid soap. However, our soap dispenser has no such problem. We have “FR” button on the soap dispenser control box. Press the “FR” button on the control box, the liquid soap will quickly fill up the empty liquid tube. You can easily and quickly get the liquid or foam soap. Another problem is soap tube/hose cleaning. For traditional soap dispenser, it’s suggested to dispense water for cleaning. But before the soap dispenser dispenses water, the soap filled into the soap tube must be dispensed first. It will definitely take a long time to clean. However, if you press “FR” for more than 2 seconds, the soap in the liquid tube will be recycled quickly and you can clean the soap dispenser with water in a few seconds. It will greatly save time.

You will notice that the soap dispenser has anti-backflow and anti-block function. How? The soap dispenser will automatically dispense once to prevent the tubes from being blocked if no use for 48 hours. This is good to make sure that the soap tubes are not blocked. This is the brief introduction of Deck Mounted Auto Soap Dispenser with Adding Soap at Top Faucet Body. Do you like it? How about trying few pieces?