Today we introduce Rajeyn’s new arrival automatic sensor faucet soap dispenser with adding soap on the top of faucet body. Why adding soap on faucet body instead of from the soap bottle? Because it’s much more convenient and faster. You just need to use a small hexagonal wrench to open the top cover/lid and then the soap can be directly filled with liquid soap. The whole process and operation is quite simple, convenient and surely save time.

What are the features of this soap dispenser?

● Adding soap at the top of the faucet body.
● Chrome plating brass body.
● The soap dispenser will automatically adjust the sensing distance according to the environment within 20 seconds after switching on the power supply.
● Press the “FR” button on the control box, and the liquid soap will quickly fill up the empty liquid tube. If press “FR” for more than 2 seconds, the soap in the liquid tube will be recycled quickly.
● Soap volume can be adjusted by pressing “SL” button on the control box.
● Soap anti-backflow and anti-block. The soap dispenser will automatically dispense once to prevent the tubes from being blocked if no use for 48 hours.
● Foam type can save more than 30% liquid soap and is easy to maintain.

How about the technical parameters for this Deck Mounted Auto Soap Dispenser with Adding Soap at Top Faucet Body?

Product: Auto Soap Dispenser
Model No.: RJY-Y5818AD
Technology: Infrared Sensor
Feature: Adding soap at top faucet body
Power Supply: DC6V/AC110-240V
Body Material: Brass
Sensor Distance: 5-8cm (Hand)
Soap Type: Foam/Liquid
Capacity: 1000ML

It’s strongly recommended to try this amazing touchless soap dispenser. Would you like to try? Just contact Jo at or add her wechat at +86-15060017331.