Rajeyn pneumatic operated automatic sensor concealed cistern. It includes three parts: A sensor plate, a water tank, and iron bracket. You can select the complete set or just the sensor plate, or the sensor plate with water tank according to the application.

The power supply of the plate is available by batteries and main power. Users can choose either or both according to the installation environment.

What is the function?

1. Automatic flush after people leave. The flushing duration is related to the using time. It is half flush if using time is less than 90 seconds; and full flush if using time is more than 90 seconds.

2. Mechanical button for any time. It is a stand-by manual button. It doesn’t require power supply. It can also be used when sensor not working.

3. LOGO lighting. OEM is available for us. You can put your company logo on the plate. It will flash when the plate is working.

4. Low power indication. There will be low power indication when battery power gets low. Battery replacement is easy, you can find the battery case when you take the glass off.


Touchless flush technology is widely used in public and commercial bathrooms for many years. Concealed cisterns have been the preferred choice in commercial places such as shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and so on because of the feature of easy cleaning and hygienic design.

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