Automatic sensor urinal flushers are usually used in commercial bathrooms. It helps to keep the bathroom clean, reduce the spread of bacteria and also saves water.
Automatic sensor urinal flushers adopt infrared sensor technology. It will flush automatically when a user comes to pee. Usually there will be two flushes, a short flush when the user just come, and a long flush when the user leaves. It will also flush automatically if no usage for 24 hours.

There are 3 types of structures of automatic sensor urinal flushers for different applications. The first one is the type we can only see a sensor plate on the wall. The second one is the type with only a small sensor plate install on the ceramic. The third one is with the complete body installed on the top of the ceramic urinal.


But no matter which structure, they have 3 main parts:
1. Sensor
Sensor is the part to detect, analyze and then send signal to solenoid valve to act. It is one important part in this system. A good sensor urinal flusher should have a stable sensor and low power consumption. What will make a sensor unstable? Temperature, colors, lights, microwave, electromagnetic wave and so on. So when you want to choose a sensor, don’t only see the function. An unstable sensor can stop working or function abnormally when it meets any kind of interference.

2. Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valve is controlled by sensor to turn on or turn off the water. A good solenoid valve should react to the sensor signal quickly and it should also be able to bear enough water pressure and no leakage.

3. Power Supply

Power supply is the basic of an electronic system. There are usually two type in sensor system. They are DC and AC power supply. DC power supply means battery power supply. And AC power supply means there will be a transformer to transfer AC power into DC and then supply to the system. We also have an option to have DC and AC both. When AC power is available, it will be AC supply. And when AC supply not available, it will switch to DC automatically.

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