An automatic concealed cistern means that this bulky part of the toilet is hidden from view. This leaves you with a smart, modern finish where the only thing visible is the toilet or squat pan itself. Concealed cisterns are plastic and are always used with wall-hung and back-to-wall toilets.

An automatic concealed cistern solution uses active infrared technology and pneumatic flush technology for home toilet automatic flush.

Rajeyn can offer the whole solution and technology designs for the touchless concealed cistern toilet flush. If you need a customized touchless concealed cistern, please contact us.

Whenever we decorate the bathroom, we are always distressed, we are always admiring the simplicity and stylish appearance of other people’s bathrooms.

Don’t worry about it, you can upgrade to it in minutes. Rajeyn sensor concealed cistern which has a hidden water tank and redefines the bathroom space. Smart, concise, stylish, efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, and beautiful.

Rajeyn Automatic Concealed Cistern Features:
A.Simple and stylish appearance: Tempered glass sensor panel (White panel, elegant and refined; Black panel, noble and mysterious), it’s also available for customizing your own colors. Sensor panels combine with your wall-hung toilet, install hidden in-wall, neat and tidy, saving indoor space and easy for cleaning.
B. Intelligence high-tech: Using active infrared sensor technology and pneumatic flush technology, it can automatically activate half flush or full flush according to your use time.
C.Easy installation and maintenance: open the panel, and you can maintain and clean the inside of the cistern without using a screwdriver.
D.Strict product testing: Strict flush cycle test
E.Noise reduction: The water tank and pipes are blocked by false walls, and the sound of water intake and discharge is effectively reduced.
F. Improved flushing performance: The water level is higher than in conventional toilets, resulting in a stronger water flow for better flushing.
G. Customize as you like: Customize flushing functions according to your needs.