Automatic sensor toilet hand-free toilet flush valve flusher water sensor based on infrared sensor technology, when the human body approaches the sensor within the sensing range, it sends signals to a pulse solenoid valve for an automatic flush. Only within a range of reaction, automatic flushing of the toilet water makes water-saving. And because it is a non-contact, with no human manual control, it can effectively prevent cross infection of bacteria.

Rajeyn is dedicated to developing fashionable appearances with stable automatic functions, they are widely used in hotels, airports, railway stations, schools, bus stations, hospitals, and so on. Especially in public places, reduce the spreading of germs and bacteria, and protect everybody’s health.

Today, we gonna introduce a hot-sale sensor toilet flusher for you.


Various shapes with different sizes fit the different application in a public area, simple outlook with stereoscopic give you a total feeling of beautiful yet elegant.


Automatic flush: When a person stands in the sensing range for over 3 seconds, the indicator light in the infrared sensor flashes once, and the toilet will auto flush every usage after the person leaves the sensing range.

Dual Power

Both AC110-220V and DC6V(Battery power) are available, you can select which is suitable for your project and application.

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