What is a Self-adapted Sensor Faucet?
Rajeyn Self-adapted Sensor Faucet is equipped with an adaptive infrared sensor in the faucet spout that gathers and analyzes the surrounding area upon installation. After recording these details, then setting an appropriate sensing distance automatically always and calibrating the sensor to filter false triggers and optimize the faucet’s operation. The water should turn on automatically when your hand is near the spout and turn off automatically when your hand leaves.

How Self-adapted Auto Faucet Adjust Sensing Distance?
Once the sensor connects with the power, the sensor will scan the distance from the sensor to the basin and surroundings, then auto-calibrate an appropriate sensing distance 4-4.5cm above the basin. Once there is any obstacle in the sensing range of more than 2.2 minutes, then the sensor will re-scan the distance to the obstacle and auto-calibrate another suitable sensing distance which is also 4-4.5cm above the obstacle.

Complete Product: Faucet with infrared sensor and control box, you can find its very simple structure below the picture and it is really easy to install.

Application type of faucets as below: auto-calibrate sensor can be used for different kinds of faucets which put the sensor in the spout.