We introduced Rajeyn goose-neck sensor basin faucets recently as they are quite popular in market. Today we will introduce a new technology sensor used for the same faucet body. It’s auto-calibrated distance sensor. What does it mean? It means the sensor distance will automatically adjusted and set based on different working environment and conditions such as temperature, humidity and basins. Sensor range: 4~12cm for hands. When the sensor connected to power, the sensor LED flashes 5 times and the sensor will set the distance automatically about 2cm shorter than the detected object distance. If the detected object distance is over 15cm, the max setting distance is 12cm.

The control box shows different from the traditional one (The traditional control box/sensor distance is adjusted by a remote controller). Actually, for self-calibrated sensor, there are two PCBA. One is on the sensor eye fixed into the faucet body. The other is into the control box, which is the main control module.

Like Rajeyn other faucets, the auto-calibrated sensor basin faucets also have strong light resistance performance and they are CE approved. The faucet work normally even installed on stainless steel basins. At the same time, the faucets will work normally if strong light illuminating to the sensor. On the other hand, the faucet sensor has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance. The faucet will work perfectly even if in strong electro-magnetic areas.