Nowadays sensor faucets are mostly used in public places. And most of them are without faucet mixer handle and are with automatic water only. It doesn’t meet the need at our home use. To move into private house, Rajeyn designed one new model to solve all the problems. Let’s see what functions it gets.


Automatic on/off

There is a sensor near the spout of the faucet. When it detects hands come close, water flows. And whem hands leaves, it stops water flow automatically. It is suitable for instant washing, it need no touch at all. The max continuous water flow time is 60s to avoid water wasting.

Touch icon

When you look at the faucet, you will see the touch icon easily. It is actually a touch sensor. When it is touched once, water will start flowing. When you don’t need water any more, just touch again to stop the water. What is the differences between automatic sensor? Touch icon is designed for the need when you need continuous water, for example, you might need to load a basin of water. You will not want to keep your hands all the time at the spout, correct?

Water mixer

There is a small handle at the side of the faucet. It is not for turning water on or off. It is a temerature mixer. Users can choose the temperature randomly.

Temperature displaying

When water is flowing, there is a digit lighted at the same time. It shows the real-time temperature. Besides it makes the faucet look cool, it is also very practical. Imaging in a cold morning, you come to the basin and want warm water for washing things. You just can turn the handle to the max and touch the icon, then you just wait the digits to grow up. No need to test the temperature by hands any more.


More features

There are many other features like stability, low power indiction, water saving, energy saving, OEM and so on.

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