A touchless motion kitchen faucet is a new type of faucet that adopts infrared sensor technology. By motion before the sensor with hands or anything else, the water will turn on or off without touching the faucet handle.

The advantages of a touchless motion kitchen faucet:

  • Convenient

Easy operation. Motion by hands or anything in your hands will control the water flow on/off. It is more convenient than operate the handles especially when you have things in your hands or hands are dirty to operate the handles.

  • Healthy life mode

Kitchen cleaness is always related to human healthy as it is a place most close to food. Without touch the handls, it decreases the spreading of germs. It helps to make the food in the family more healthy.

  • Water saving:

Comparing to traditional manual faucets, touchless sensor faucets are water saving due to the water channel structure. And it also have a timing process to avoid water wasting. It will automatically stop flowing after 3mins continuous flowing.

  • Energy saving

Some people might be worried about the power consumption. But actually, in normal home use, you would need to just replace the batteries every 1-2 years. It is energy saving and easy in maintenance.


Q: What if the sensor doesn’t work suddenlly? Can it work manually?

Yes. If users found the sensor system not working properly and it can’t be solved immediately, there is a manual knob in Rajeyn kitchen faucets, it can switch the faucet into a manual faucet. So users have no need to worry about water supply.

Q: How does touchless sensor kitchen faucet work?

There are mainly three key parts: infrared sensor, solenoid valve, power source. The sensor will be activated when there are hands or objects detected in a certain range. Then there will be a signal sent to the solenoid valve to control water flow on and off.

Q: How long will the batteries last?

The power consumption parts are mainly sensor standby consumption and sonlenoid operation consumption. So it is related to the standby time and the times of solenoid valve on and off.  As for Rajeyn sensor faucet, the 4 AA alkaline batteries will last about about 1.5 years at daily 100 times on and off. While most family will not use that much every day. So the actually life span of batteries is usually longer or depending on the battery life span itself.

If you want to learn more about sensors or sensor system to develop new products, just let contact us freely. You can also contact sales3@rajeyn.com for a quick response.