It becomes very important for people to maintain a certain level of hygiene nowadays. With so many viruses and diseases spreading, it becomes dangerous for everyone to live in unsanitary and unsafe conditions or environments. To overcome this factor, people are turning to touchless infrared technology. In many high-traffic buildings, and even in personal restrooms, people install sensor-based products that allow users to experience touchless functionality as it helps create and maintain a hygienic and safe environment for all.

Good hygiene is important in every space but is especially important in a humid, enclosed bathroom environment as it provides ideal conditions for bacterial growth and the spread of bacteria and disease. Dirty bathroom floors are the perfect breeding ground for germs, while poorly maintained toilets and urinals allow bacteria to thrive. Both bacteria can cause symptoms like mild stomach cramps and headaches or more severe diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

So various intelligent products using touchless technology are making our bathroom experience better. One of these sensor-based products is the urinal sensor. This product is used in many restrooms to provide a touchless experience. It is mainly used in places where large crowds are encountered on a daily basis. This is so because numerous users of the same urinal increase the exchange rate of bacteria, viruses, and diseases from one person to another. This machine is very beneficial to all as it allows users to flush their urinals without physically touching anything.

Rajeyn produces various types of sensor flush systems for urinals, like wall-mounted concealed types, exposed types, or directly install to the urinal top. For more details, please feel free to contact Sunny at or WhatsApp at +8617704624804.