What’s sensor urinal? A sensor urinal is an automatic sanitary plumbing fixture for urination only. Urinals are often provided in public toilets for male users (Now it’s more and more popular in China residential use). They are usually used in a standing position.

Sensor urinal flush valve have a copper pipe connecting directly into the back of the urinal bowl. A solenoid valve is fitted into the copper pipe which opens and closes on demand to allow water to flow into the urinal bowl. The solenoid valve is controlled by a panel-mounted bezel which is initiated when a user stands in front of the sensor. In the other words, the solenoid valve opens up for a set period of time to allow water to pass through and flush the urinal bowl clean.


The solenoid valves need to be connected to mains electricity or can be powered via batteries. Most models offer adjustments to sensor range and flow time and also deliver a pre-flush (usually optional), cleaning the inside of the urinal when someone approaches to use it.

Generally Rajeyn has two types of sensor urinal plates for ceramic urinal bowls. One is the sensor plate only while the other is sensor plate with water spreader. Spreaders, which connect to the flush pipes at the urinal are designed to spread the flushing water in the urinal to both sides of the bowl to ensure a full and clean flush. These are typically included within all the full urinal kits we sell as they are essential for a flushing urinal.

On the other hand, Rajeyn has concealed type urinal flush valve and exposed type. Below are the exposed flush valve features.

  • APPLICATION: Exposed wall mountedtype, suitable for all kinds of modification projects. Convenient and hygiene. Such as work, public toilet, hotel, hospital, airport, bathroom, etc. The automatic sensor urinal valve has a complete range of mounting accessories and is easy to install.
  • BRASS AND ELECTROPLATED: The automatic sensor urinal valve is made of brass with precise structure and chrome plating for stable performance and long lasting use. Chemically resistant materials extend service life and reduce maintenance costs.
  • INTELLIGENT DEODORIZATION: When the urinal is not used for a long time, the flushing valve will automatically flush once every 24 hours. The flushing is thorough, no peculiar smell is left, avoiding infection of the bacteria effectively.
  • INTELLIGENT WATER SAVING: The sensor can control flushing according to the frequency of use, effectively avoiding the waste of water resources.

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