Rajeyn company is a leading manufacturer of automatic faucets, flush valves, concealed cisterns and accessories for the food-service, industrial and commercial plumbing markets. Founded in 2003, the company introduced the industry’s first remote control sensor PCBA, which made it easy to adjust sensor distance and flush duration etc. Today we will introduce Rajeyn’s classical gooseneck sensor water taps. They are quite popular in South Asia market.

What’s gooseneck sensor faucets? It’s a sensor faucet spout that has a rounded arc, which is known as a gooseneck faucet. Gooseneck faucets can vary in height, but are commonly found in high-arc faucets measuring over 8.” A gooseneck faucet in the basin and your kitchen makes easy work for washing large pots and pans.

A gooseneck faucet releases water much higher than a conventional faucet, so you do not have to bend as much or put strain on your back. Now you can comfortably wash your hands and complete daily washing tasks with ease. Although a gooseneck faucet is positioned high above the sink, you can still clean with accuracy.

Rajeyn has a series goose-neck sensor faucets, such as RJY-11-B107AD, 108AD, 109AD and new arrival series RJY-11-B115AD. The sensor eyes are quite small to put nearby the water spout. The sensor distances are either adjusted automatically based on different working conditions OR by a remote controller. You will find the faucet height are differently with 17cm, 23cm and 33cm to meet varies demand. At the same time, there are two sensor control boxes for selection. Auto-calibrated sensor distance range has a smaller control box while remote controlled type includes the most classical solid control box.

It’s strongly recommended to try these amazing touchless water taps. Would you like to try? Just contact Jo at sj.peng@rajeyn.com or add her whatsapp at +86-15060017331.