Whatever automatic concealed cisterns are required, we Rajeyn hygienic touch free operation range provides an ideal solution for any application. As with every Rajeyn product, our automatic cisterns undergo exhaustive and rigorous testing which means that when they are installed, reliability and durability come as standard. Spares are readily available to help maximize the working life of every Rajeyn cistern. The cisterns are perfect for use in modern concealed washrooms with available in multiple specifications.

Rajeyn’s Intelligent flush system is a high-end flushing solution for commercial and domestic installations that demand a premium finish. The cistern includes a classic black tempered glass electronic flush panel (Scratch and graffiti resistant coating reduces the risk of damage to the front window), a solid strong iron frame and durable water tank. In conjunction with pneumatic flush valve, this touch free concealed cistern provides a water saving  dual flush (half and full flush) system based on usage timing. More importantly, the sensor electronic dual-flush panel features illuminated flush status icons to provide visual feedback: Lighting: User detected and ready to flush. Flashing: Flush activated. Dedicated branding and custom status icons available.

Rajeyn sensor concealed cistern flush toilet products have been developed by expert plumbers who truly understand the needs and preferences of both installers and users. Each and every toilet part we Rajeyn manufacture has been created to the highest of standards and we’re proud of the unrivalled reputation our Rajeyn toilet parts have among professional installers. Our automatic sensor products are not only superior quality, they’ve also been designed with a quick and simple fit in mind so you can install them swiftly and move on to the next job.

Please contact Jo at sj.peng@rajeyn.com for more information.