The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted nearly 3 years and still going on. The pandemic has made us all rethink many aspects of our lives, from how we work to how we interact with others and how we protect ourselves from disease.


In these circumstances, Touchless Faucet is an amazing invention that has made life easier for many people. They can be installed anywhere in the house or public area and help save water by eliminating the need to turn on the faucet every time someone needs to use it.

Installing an automatic faucet in your home or business can slow the spread of coronavirus and other pathogens while saving resources, an easy and affordable way to do it. Rajeyn is a leading source of sensor sanitary wares for commercial and residential applications, including touchless faucets, sensor flush for urinals and toilets, automatic soap dispensers.

How Can Touchless Faucets Protect us from COVID-19?

By now everyone knows that the main way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to wash your hands thoroughly and often. Touchless faucets provide extra protection, especially where multiple people can use the sink. This is the most common situation in most households and in every business.

Prevent Contamination: Prevention is always key, and touchless faucets offer a way to prevent the unintentional spread of viruses by touching common surfaces. Even when washing your hands, you need to touch the handle of the faucet. Opening the faucet handle is a necessary first step, and we do this with our unwashed hands. Considering that frequently used faucet handles have so many bacteria, that makes faucet handles one of the main ways the virus spreads.

Touchless faucets require no contact with the sink or any part of the fixture, allowing users to wash their hands or otherwise use the sink without contaminating themselves or others