Automatic sensor urinal flusher is a designed for urinals. There is a IR sensor which will detect the presence before urinal. When someone is standing before the urinal and then move away after using the urinal, it will activate the flushes automatically. It helps to keep the toilet clear and saves water especial in public washroom.

How does it work? There are mainly 3 parts including sensor, solenoid valve and power supply. The sensor is for detecting and send signal to solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is to control the water flow on and off. And power supply is the basic requirements for sensor solenoid valve to get power support.

How is the installation? You might find sensor urinal flushers with different structures but if you can keep the basic theory in mind, it will be easy. First connect the 3 parts, it means to connect the wires of solenoid valve and the power supply to the sensor wires. The sensor wire connector might be two 2-pin-wire connectors or one 4-pin-wire connector. But you will find connector matched, so you will not be wrong in this step. The second step is install the batteries or connect to main power supply to see whether sensor works and solenoid valve response correctly. The third step is the water supply connecting. You will find the solenoid valve inlet and outlet marks on the solenoid valve or the box. And connect the inlet end to the water supply, connect the outlet end to the urinal inlet end. Before the end, you will need to check carefully whether the connections leak. In above steps, the fixing of 3 parts is not mentioned, you will need to fix them according to the designs of each model.

What about the advantages of sensor urinal flushers? First of all, it is a touchless system, so it helps to avoid germs to activate flushes when using traditional manual urinal flush system. The second advantage is it help to keep the washroom clean as it solves the problem that some people don’t or forget to flush after using it. The third is that it saves water. It flushes certain amount of water each time and avoid unnecessary flushes. The forth is that sensor urinal flushers are supposed to have a longer lifespan than manual type. The lifespan of mechanical structure is shorter than electronics and due to the contactless operation ways, it avoid violent operations when using manual urinal flushers.

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