RAJEYN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Fuzhou, Fujian. We are the first domestic company to develop sensor modules with auto adjusted sensor distance, remote control module with adjustable sensor distance and flushing time, and sensors with DC3V power supply; the first company to produce sensor modules with SMT(Surface mounting technology), and also rated as a “national high-tech enterprise” with a number of utility models and invention patents in the field of intelligent kitchen and bathroom. At present, RAJEYN has a strong production capacity of touchless sensor sanitary wares, such as automatic faucets, urinal and toilet auto sensor flush, automatic soap dispenser. Our products have been exported to more than twenty counties, including the USA, Australia, France, Singapore, etc.

COVID-19 has changed habits in public washrooms, especially hand washing and toilet flush in the public areas, everything we hope touchless, touchless hand-washing, touchless toilet flush.

Rajeyn own R&D department, we can provide OEM service with the following different touchless technology:

Infrared Technology: Rajeyn has well solved the interference in the strong magnetic or strong light environment. The sensor distance is stable and accurate without malfunction. – This technology is used for automatic sanitary wares, like sensor faucets, sensor flush for toilets and urinals, sensor soap dispensers, sensor showers, and so on.

Microwave Technology: It is able to penetrate non-metallic objects with a thickness of 3-5cm. The sensor distance is about 8cm. This technology is used for touchless wave-on sensor control systems, such as touchless toilet auto flush systems.

Internet Communications Technology: It is related to WIFI, Bluetooth, and RF (2.4G/900M/433M) communication technology. – This technology is used to realize the interconnection and remote control of the smart kitchen and bathroom products

Capacitive touch control technology: It is much more advanced and durable as products perform quite well even with water. This technology is used for intelligent kitchen and bathroom product touch plates.

Temperature detection technology: It uses a waterproof, rust-proof, and fast-response temperature sensor. This technology is used for intelligent kitchen and bathroom items requesting accurate temperature control.

Touch control technology: It uses capacitance detection technology to detect whether the faucet body has been touched or not by detecting capacitance changes between the faucet body and the earth. This technology is used for touch control faucets.

Rapid heating technology: It is to accurately control temperature. It just takes 3 seconds to have hot water. This technology is used for intelligent kitchen and bathroom items auxiliary heating or replacing the traditional storage water heater

Water Temperature Control Technology: It is to control water temperature accurately by mixing cold water and hot water. This technology is used for constant temperature control of intelligent showers or intelligent faucets.

Pneumatic Flush Technology: It is to replace the traditional push button flush systems or pull-type flush systems.

Water Quality Testing Technology: It is to identify water quality by testing water TDS and PH. This technology is used for water purifier products.