Sensor urinal is a commonly available for toilets and urinals. Its basically comes with an infrared sensor that can identify when someone is standing in front of the urinal and has moved away, it then activates the flush system. With the coming of new technology, a lot has evolved when it comes to your restroom and toilets. The urinal sensor is connected to a solenoid valve that is plumbed directly into the urinal water feed pipe. The infra-red sensor detects movement within the vicinity of the urinals and subsequently allows a small amount of water to fill the urinal water tank.

What about the advantages of installing sensor urinal in your restroom? Sensor Urinal is a modern technology that one must have in their restroom in order to avoid germs, bacteria, diseases, maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness and also save water.

  1. Water conservation: Finding ways to save wateris very important. Electronic sensor urinals are usually designed with a low flow eliminating unwanted flushing. You will always see a time delay in one flush to another so the user just can’t flush again and again.
  2. Maintain A Hygienic Washroom. With pre-flush and janitor flush options. Having sensor urinal, you are ensured that everything is cleaned automatically and properly without the use of hands. Even if at any time, a person forgets to flush the auto flush feature takes care of it.
  3. Long life span and energy saving. Once set up the controller will flush using a minimum amount of water to keep your washroom fresh. The battery pack has a life of 2-3 years depending on traffic volume, the electronics will sound an audible beep when the pack requires replacement. A mains power option is also available.
  4. Easy to use. Sensor urinalsare very easy to use especially for elderly and young children as it completely flushes the waste material maintaining hygiene, unlike the traditional flush systems that at times do incomplete flushing. A user can be of any age or height and need not worry about not being able to reach the flush button or even forget flushing, auto flush feature is a blessing.