What’s urinal sensor? Urinal sensor, sensor urinal or auto flush is a feature/device that is available for toilets and urinals. Its basically comes with an infrared sensor that can identify when user/someone is standing in front of the urinal and has moved away, it then activates the flush system to flush. You will more commonly find them in workplaces and public restrooms.

Generally there are two types of urinal sensor. One is concealed into the wall and the other is fixed to ceramic bowl, we call it all-in-one type. Rajeyn produces both types and today we introduce a new round urinal sensor with water dispenser. What does it mean? It means the water comes out from the sensor plate instead of ceramic bowl. Below are the functions and features for this sensor urinal.


  1. Automatic flushing: It includes two period flushes, pre-flush 2 seconds and after flush 6 seconds. After-flush timing adjustable by remote controller. Adjustable range 3-24 seconds.
  2. Power protection: When the battery or mains power suddenly cut off, the sensor will automatically turn off the solenoid valve within 20 seconds to ensure there’s no mul-function for urinal sensor.
  3. Low power reminding: When the battery is low, the indicator light flashes for 10 seconds to remind you of replacing with new batteries. The flush valve will not flush.
  4. Anti-reverse wire connection: The sensor will not be heat or damaged if the power supply wire positive and negative terminals are reversely connected. The sensor will work normally if wires are correctly connected.


  1. The sensor plate integrates the sensor and nozzle for a more compact structure and lower cost.
  2. Adjust the nozzle Angle (open a new nozzle body), it can be used with different types of ceramic bowl with low development cost.
  3. Sensor plate is ABS injection molding. Colorful sensor plates are available.
  4. The sensor plate can directly connect to the solenoid valve or connect with water hose.
  5. Product includes: sensor plate +water outlet hose + solenoid valve +water regulator + water inlet hose + power supply.