A global pandemic will require a global response. For hygiene reasons, COVID-19 may provide more reasons for consumers to need touchless technology than before.

Safety and health are currently the top concerns of everyone around the world. People are thinking about the Covid-19 pandemic and doing everything they can to stay away from the chance of infecting the disease. Unfortunately, as a necessary resource for the public, public restrooms provide many opportunities for contamination.

So touchless technology is very important. Touchless restroom products reduce the chance of germs spreading by eliminating touch points. These products also make it easier for users to wash their hands thoroughly without causing too much mess for the next person. Finally, automated processes ensure that restroom users move efficiently, minimizing the time they spend in the space. As we know, hand washing is the simplest hygiene practice that can reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Touchless Solutions For Bathrooms


Automatic sensor basin faucet: As soon as the user approaches the sensor and is detected, the water starts to flow, without touching the faucet, and it will automatically turn off after the user leaves. A highly hygienic and effective solution to combat the spread of viruses and bacteria and reduce water consumption. RAJEYN’s infrared sensor faucets are battery-powered or connected to a main, mixer, or just for cold water faucets, enter our website for more information.



Automatic soap dispenser: It’s good matching with sensor faucets, normally installed in the basin near the faucet. Powered by battery or mains electricity. Soap is refillable easily from below the counter. The sensor soap dispenser automatically supplies foam soap as one puts hands under the spout and stops supplying soap after 1.5s. It is suggested to clean the soap hoses with clean tap water if you will not use the soap dispenser for more than 1 week. How to clean: please pour clean tap water into the soap bottle and sense the soap dispenser until the tap water is dispensed.



Urinal Sensor Flush for Ceramic Urinal:
No need to make any special effort to use the sensor flusher. It is made with smart infrared technology that automatically controls water flush and only flushes water when needed.





Toilet Sensor Flush for Toilets or Squat Pan:
It is possible to activate the toilet flush without touching it thanks to the electronic sensor flush system, the infrared sensor detected the people and is ready for work, and automatically flushes water after people leave.


The future may be more hygienic and everyone will play a role — including RAJEYN.