As we know, faucets and soap dispensers are important to help to keep our hands clean. But traditional manual faucet and soap dispensers might be one of the corners with most bacterial. Touchless sensor faucets and soap dispensers are designed to solve this problem. People have no need to touch the handles or buttons to use the water and soap. Just reach out hands or just motion before a sensor without touching.

As people concern more and more about healthy, we can easily see sensor faucets in public places. But not as many sensor soap dispensers. Here are some benefits of sensor soap dispensers especially foaming soap dispensers.

An automatic soap dispenser is a touch free device that gives soap but without touch a handle or a button. It means two types of health. One of them is that soap will help to clean and keep hands better than only water wash. There are usually two types of soap, liquid soap and foam soap. Foaming soap is greatly recommended. Foaming soap helps us to cover the soap over our hands easier and overall. And it is much easier to wash away than liquid soap. Another health is because of the touch free technology. It elimates the pysical contact with the soap dispenser body which might carry more bacterial than on your hands.

With traditional maual dispensers, people usually draw more soap than they actually need. More soap doesn’t always mean cleaner, it is sometimes a waste. And with much liquid soap, it is actually harder to wash away and it waste more water. If it is a touchless foaming soap dispenser, it will give a certain amount of foaming soap. And as soap will not stick on hands, it saves water when wash soap away. And for commercial use, foaming soap is 1:1 of liquid soap and water. Foaming soap dispenser is more economy than liquid soap dispenser.

Easy to maintain
Does it hard to maintain? Actually not. There are several things need to remember. First is to keep the power supply. If the soap dispenser is battery power supply type of battery as a backup, remember to replace the batteries when needed. Second is to fill out the soap bottle and remember to shake the bottle when soap and water mixed. Third is remember to clean the tube inside with water if long time no need to use to avoid block.

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