As sensor technology is being more and more mature. Sensor faucets are not only applied in public basin only, it also comes to private homes. Here we are going to tell you how to install a sensor kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer. It might be a little more complex than a traditional kitchen faucet, but it will be very simple to you when you know how it works.

Steps to instal a touchless motion faucet:
1. Shut off the water supply

Before you start working on the installation, first to make sure the position of cold water and hot water supply. Test they can provide water normally and then turn off the angle valves of them.

2.Fix the faucet body
A. For 1-hole sink, insert the o-rings required to the faucet base. Then pass the hoses and sensor wire through the hole and tighten the nut to fix the faucet body in a proper position.
B. For 3-hole sink, first insert deck plate over the wire and hoses before above A steps. The deck plate to cover the extra two holes.

3. Fix the control box.
Mount the control box under the sink, preferred mounting distance is 250mm from control box to the spray hose and 450mm to the floor.
There are 4 hoses with the faucet. Find two of them with quick connector. And then connect them with the control box inlet and outlet. You will not connect them by wrong because the connectors are with position and you would not be able to connect sucessfully if it is wrong. Finally, you will need to connect the faucet with water supply. The hoses for cold water and hot water are in different colors.

4. Fix A Weight To The Spray Hose
For faucet models with pull-out spray, a weight will be needed on the hose under the sink.
This weight is to ensure the sprayer pulled back after you pulling it down.

5.Connect the sensor

Connect the faucet wire to the control box and make sure they are well connected. Then open the battery case cover and take out the battery unit bracket to and place batteries in correct direction. The batteries should be alkaline battery with good quality to ensure the sensor work properly. You can seen the sensor LED on the faucet flash several times the moment battery unit install back.


Firstly open the cold water angle valve slowly to check whether there is leakage. And then turn on hot water angle valve and check leakage. Try to turn the handle cold water to hot water slowly and carefully check whether there is leakage. If no leakage found, turn on the faucet handle and motion the sensor to see whether sensor is working well.

7. Switch to manual faucet mode

Turn the knob of the control box counter-clockwise to the end. The sensor will be disabled and the faucet will be operational by the handle only. And turn clockwise, it will be sensor control mode.

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