Automatic sensor faucet brings great wash experience to our life without touching faucet handle to control the water. There are lost of advantages of automatic faucets. While sometimes, there might be some failures. So we need to learn something about troubleshoot of sensor faucet so we can quickly solve the problems when it occurs.

Step 1: Check the Sensor.

Check whether there is dirt on the surface and clean it with a soft cloth. And try again if the faucet works properly.

If not, you reach out your hand to the sensor range and see whether there is LED flash when hands in and out.

1) If the LED light flash once each time when hand in and out, it means the sensor part detector fucntion is working fine. Go to Step 3 to check the solenoid valve.

2) If the LED light flash fast, it means the power supply is low. You need to replace the batteries. Go to step 2 to check the power supply.

3) If the LED light doesn’t flash at all. It means might means there is no power supply or the sensor is damaged. Check the power supply.

Step 2: Check the power supply

There are usually two types of power supply. Battery power supply and AC transformer power supply.

1) If your faucet is with battery power supple only. You can take out the battery case and replace and then reinstall back. It is very important to choose good quality alkaline batteries and place the batteries in correct direction and don’t mix new and old batteries.

2) If your faucet is with AC transformer only. You should check whether the AC power is cut off first. If yes, just wait for the power supply. If no, there is also possible the transformer is damaged if the faucet is dead completely.

3) If you faucet is with both types of power supply. You should check both the AC and battery supply. You can also disconnect the AC transformer and try to make it battery supply only. With both power supply, the sensor system will firstly choose AC power, when AC power is cut, it will transfer to battery power automatically to make sensor system work all the time.

Step 3: Check the solenoid valve

The solenoid valve is the part to control the water channel. When you have the batteries replaced and confirm the AC supply is normal, but faucet is still not working, it is most possible the solenoid valve problem. When you check the solenoid valve, you’d better hold the control box in your hand and listen to the solenoid valve carefully.

Then you reach out your hand to the sensor range, in and out slowly, and feel the vibration and listen the click sound of the solenoid valve. When it is turning on, you can feel the vibration and heard the sound clearer than when it is turning off. If you can feel it turning on and can’t feel it when turning off, it is normal. If you can’t feel any thing, it is possible there is problem with the solenoid valve.

If you can feel and heard, but still not working, please check the water supply and clean the filter net before the valve inlet if water supply is normal. When there is too much impurity from the water supply, it might block the water inlet after some time use.

Following is a table to help you to shoot some problems.

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