Touchless kitchen faucets is with the technology that allow you to get the flow of water without touching the faucet.

There are three main parts that make up a touchless or automatic kitchen faucet including a sensor , a solenoid valve, and a power source.

1. Sensor
The sensor on an automatic faucet is usually placed base of the faucet. It is usually a motion sensor, these kitchen faucets use motion sensors which is designed to detect the motion of a hand. When the sensor detects hands, it turns the faucet on. The water will keep flowing when hands leave. When you need water flow off, you just motion again and leave.

Most automatic faucet sensors have a infrared light producer and an infrared detector. When your hands come the range, infrared light bounce the infrared light off of your skin and back to the detector.

2. Valve
The solenoid valve is controlled by the faucet sensor. The solenoid is with an electromagnet that can push or pull a rob and control the water flow channel open and close.

3. Power source
Touchless or automatic faucet needs a power source but the power consumption is low. Usually faucets will use batteries and a current from an AC transformer.

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