Touchless sensor faucets make turning on and off the water convenient. Touchless faucets are easy to use. Touchless sensor faucets do not require physically touching to the faucet to turn on and off the water. With a wave of a hand or just reach out hands to the faucet spout, sensors will be activated and water will turn on. There is also a water protection time, so when time is up, water will be turned off to avoid unnecessary waste. Touchless faucets are very easy to install and they come in various styles and finishes to match different preference. 

Benefits of Touchless Sensor Faucets

1. Easy to Use
What could be easier than simply reaching out your hands or waving your hand in front of a sensor to turn on the faucet? They are suitable for everyone.

2. Water Conservation
Due to the structure feature of touchless sensor faucets, sensor faucets save more water than traditional faucets. The sensor faucets detect the presence of hands, when hands leave, water stops automatically.

3. Reduce the Spread of Germs
A touchless faucet helps reduce the risks of cross-contamination from touching the surfaces faucet handle. They prevent the spread of bacteria and promote sanitation and hygiene.

4. Simple Installation
No matter you install a touchless faucet in your home or public places, they are relatively easy to install. Touchless sensor faucets don’t need extra wiring to install. The mainly difference between sensor faucets and traditional faucets is touchless sensor faucets need power supply. You should remember to install batteries or plug to AC power.

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