Touchfree automatic soap dispensers are becoming more and more popular in market not only in public places but also at home. All in all, I’d highly recommend an automatic soap dispenser for anyone who wants less cleaning and fewer germs in their house. Because it’s cheap, easy, convenient, and most importantly, it’s lots of fun.

Firstly, the dispenser is so simple to use, which I was surprised by actually. Basically, you fill the little tank with foaming hand soap or mixed liquid soap for Rajeyn models, then put your dirty hand below the dispenser sensor, and it automatically shoots out, with zero touching, just the right amount of germ-ridding liquid or foam. Which leads me to another reason I needed this product: the kids use either way too much or way too little soap. I was hoping the automatic part would save money and prevent waste—and the key point just as importantly, keep us all safe from illness.

Rajeyn’s soap dispensers are compatible with almost all kinds of liquid such as hand sanitizer and hand soap,dish dispenser soap,and it is also suitable for hand or body lotion and disinfectant. For too much thick soap, it’s suggested to dilute the soap with water. In this case, the soap dispenser will be longer used.

Regarding to the life span, Rajeyn’s automatic Soap Dispenser is designed to last one full year of use before needing a battery replacement (4 pieces AA alkaline batteries, not included). Along with its energy efficiency, the soap dispenser’s valve seals shut to prevent leaks and has a wide mouth for refills. At the same time, the adapter/transformer is also available just in case you prefer to use main power.

Someone may ask why my soap dispenser cannot dispense soap? Provided that the soap itself hasn’t run out, the most common reasons for this may be: If your dispenser has not been used in a long period of time it may become clogged. On the other hand, the reasons may be the sensor is damaged or the batteries have run out or the wiring is faulty.

For more information of the soap dispensers, just send email to or call Jo at +86-15060017331. Thank you.