Thinking about the way we interact with bathrooms, of all the fixtures and accessories commonly found in these spaces, basin faucets are most prolific when they come in contact with people.

Studies have shown that frequent hand-washing reduces the risk of infection, so these essentials should be used frequently in daily use. However, with heavy use, there are more chances of spreading bacteria and viruses by touching the faucet itself.

Infrared automatic faucets offer a perfect solution to solve this problem, allowing to open the flow of water without touching anything. This is thanks to the application of intelligent infrared sensors that are usually battery-powered. Thankfully, these automatic sensor faucets are easier to install than you might think.

Let’s install it step by step following the manual instruction:

First step: As shown in Figure A, take out the faucet, loosen the nut and two flat washers on the faucet and then put the sensor wire and the water hose through the mounting hole on the countertop, and finally tighten the nut and the two flat washers

Second step: Drill two holes as shown in Figure B, and lock the control box bracket with expansion screws.

Third step: Connect the hose on the faucet to the control box water outlet(shown in Figure C-1), then take a double-ended G1/2″ hose(sold separately)and connect one end to the control box water inlet(shown in Figure-2)
connect the other end to the water supply angle valve(G1/2″ connector)(shown in Figure C-3), and fix the control box to the bracket on the wall(shown in Figure C-4). Connect the four-pin sensor wire between the control box and the faucet (shown in Figure C-5), and connect the DC head of the adapter to the control box(Figure C-6).

Fourth step: Remove the battery case cover on the control box take out the battery holder, place the battery correctly(“+” positive and”-” negative), and fix it back.

Note: After installation, please make a 0.9MPa/60S water pressure test to confirm all pipelines are no leakage of water.

Battery Replacement
*Indicator light will flash continuously if battery power is low, alerting you to change batteries.
*lf battery power runs out the sensor will shut off and water will not flow.
Step: Please remove the battery case cover, replace it with 4 AA alkaline batteries, and fix the battery case back.
Note: Make sure the batteries are installed correctly (“+” positive and“-” negative charge). Do NOT mix new&old batteries. Do NOT mix batteries of different brands.


How to Use

Precaution for Cleaning