This hot and cod automatic sensor faucet is perfect for bathroom basins, wash basins, and more. The battery-operated infrared sensor faucet controls water flow by detecting our hands. It flows out when our hand is in the sensing area and stops when our hand is out of the way. It’s easy to install and use. It is a good choice for many families.

It’s so convenient to adjust the water temperature right. The single handle of the faucet allows us to set temperature quicker than ever. Easily can be installed in new or retrofit applications.

Technical Parameter
Material: Brass with Chroming
Mixer: Yes/ for heat and cold water, adjust the temperature by the handle on the faucet.
Working Power: DC6V
Average static power consumption<50uA
Instant dynamic power consumption<2.5W
Working water pressure: 0.05-0.7MPa
Sensor distance:30±3cm to the whiteboard (about 18cm to hand)
Environment temperature:1~40℃
Water temperature:0~65℃

How to use touchless faucet:

Sensor Faucet Tap Feature:

1. Convenience: Turning on and off the water is done automatically by the sensor, without human operation.
2. Hygiene: Touch-less design provides hands-free and germ-free operation. Prevents cross-contamination and re-contamination of germs and bacteria by not touching the faucet or handle, reducing the spread of germs.
3. Water saving: Hands in sensor range, water flows and hands leave, water stops, only flow water when needed without water waste.
4. Energy saving: 4AA alkaline batteries shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one year.
5. Water temperature adjustable: manual handle adjusts the temperature easily.
6. Time Limit: Faucets are preset to close after about 60 seconds, there is no chance of accidental flooding if someone leaves it running.
7. Low power indication: LED light will quickly flash 20 times to indicate to replace of new batteries.