Automatic soap dispensers become very popular since Covid-19. Many people buy small size deck soap dispensers for home use. While that type of soap dispensers are not suitable in public places. Because the soap bottle is too small in the frequency of the usage. The life span of that is also not enough for commecial use. And that will be too easy to be stolen by some people.

In public places, it is above type mostly used. The faucet body will be fixed. And the soap bottle is usually under the basin.

What are the advantage of the soap dispensers? 

1 . Soap dispenses for a certain time when hands enter the sensor range and stops automatically

Intelligent sensor technology, touch free and automatic soap dispenser. Hygienic and convenient. Dispense time adjustable by remote.

2 .Low power indicator
LED light on the sensor flashes when battery power is low to indicate battery replacement.

3 . 1000ML large capacity soap bottle
It can last about 1-2 months at 20 times per day

4 . High-precision technology
ABS + Chroming brass faucet body. Anti-corrosion and durable.

5 .Durable silent peristaltic pump + air pump
The life span of product is over 100,000 times. It will be over 10 years at 30 times per day.

6 . Soft foaming soap
Soft foaming soap for better deep cleaning and protect skin

7 . AC/DC power supply.

110-240V adapter for AC power supply. 4 AA alkaline batteries for DC power supply.


8 . Easy for installation

Integrated design with quick connector. The control box can be installed according to the actual environment.

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