We know that sensor faucet control box is a square box that sits or mounted underneath the sink as part of a typical sensor electronic faucet installation process. Rajeyn produces different control boxes. Some are for basin water taps and some for kitchen faucets. Usually, control box for electrical kitchen faucets are with push fit connectors (compression connectors). The most classic and popular model is gray color RJY-K06, which has been produced for over 10 years. Today we will have introduction for this hot selling basin faucet control box.

Same as other control boxes, the whole set RJY-K06 box includes a a solenoid valve, battery case and/or transformer (adapter) and infrared signal wire connection as well as infrared sensor. All the wires connected to each part are waterproof.

For the solenoid valve, it has a built-in magnetic latching valve that opens and closes whenever an electric signal is sent or received from the infrared sensor. The valve water inlet and outlet size is G1/2”. Valve body is made of plastic while two water connectors are made of brass. The solenoid valve life circle is up to 500,000 on/off.

Regarding to the infrared sensor, there are over 50 different sensor housings for selection. They are variety of designs for all-in-one type and separated PCBA. Shapes including round, rectangle, semicircular etc. The sensor function can be tailor-made based on customer’s need. However, customized sensor programming will request MOQ.

The battery pack is flat square shape, holding 4 pieces AA alkaline batteries Customers like this battery pack since there are four screws to fix the batteries into the battery box. It will help protect the batteries from being stolen. But on the other hand, it will take time to screw out the screws if you need to replace with new batteries. If the power goes, the DC battery power will automatically take over. The battery should last up to 2 years on an average usage of 3000 cycles per month (Av. 100 cycles a day).

The power adapter/transformer input is AC220V (factory default). AC110V input is also available but need to tailor make.

Would you like to try Rajeyn this control box? Any samples needed just feel free to contact Jo at sj.peng@rajeyn. Or call at +86-15060017331. We are always ready for help.