A Touchless electronic kitchen faucet is a smart appliance that uses automatic motion sensor technology to activate water flow on or off. With a wave of your hand or a pan near the sensor, the water will automatically turn on or off. All touchfree faucets will require power source to control the sensors and the solenoid valves. The power source is typically in form of batteries or AC adapters/transformers. Most electric kitchen faucets are pull out type and have a manual handle, which allows the faucet to function as a regular faucet during a loss of power or sensor not-working.

There are many benefits using electrical kitchen water taps. Touchless design is quite convenient there’s no need any contact. When sensor is activated the water begins to flow automatically. With a wave of your hand or a pan near the sensor, the water will turn on or off. At the same, no-contact provides hands-free and germ-free operation. It is also very helpful, especially when your hands are full or dirty.

Automatic sensor faucets are convenient to use but some may think it’s difficult to maintain the faucets OR they have no idea how to do trouble shooting, after all the electronic faucets are connected power such batteries or main power. Actually, it’s quite easy to make it if read below and you will find you can handle everything by yourself easily if you buy Rajeyn’s motion sensor faucets. The trouble shooting showed on the manual is helpful and will solve over 90% problems you may have during use.

There are three different finished in option. They are chroming, ORB and brushed nickle. You can choose the color based on your design. Would you like to try this motion sensor kitchen faucets? For more details just feel free to send enquiry to Jo at sj.peng@rajeyn.com or call her at +86-15060017331 for quick communications. Thank you.