You may think the installation of this electronic faucets are difficult. However, it’s not hard at all. Today we will show you how to install Rajeyn kitchen faucet RJY-10-Z101D.

Firstly, you need to check whether the decorative plate is requested or not, depending on the stainless steel sinks. If there’s single hole only, no need the decorative plate. However, if there are three holes, you may need the rectangle decorative plate.

1.A. For 1-hole sink, insert the O-ring over the sensor cable, water hoses and the stem into the faucet bottom and then mount the faucet on the sink.

1.B. For 3-hold sink, insert the deck plate over the sensor cable and water hoses in the mounting stem, aligning the grooves in the deck plate with the arches on the faucet bottom and then mount the faucet on the sink.

2.1. Slide the rubber gasket first, the metal washer second and then the mounting nut over the hoses and the data cable onto the stem and hand tighten them firmly.

2.2. Use a cross screwdriver to thread the two screws.

3.The preferred mounting distance between spray hose and the control box is 250mm (9.8in). The preferred mounting distance from control box to the floor is 450mm (17.7in). The dimension shown in the figure is a preferred mounting distance for control box (The dimension is adjustable for better performance).

4. Mount the control box under the sink by a cross screwdriver according to the preferred dimension, leaving some room to adjust.

5.1. Connect the outlet hose to the control box with our innovative “push fit” connectors.

5.2. Connect the spray hose to the control box.

6.Connect the hot & cold supply lines onto the matching water valves and secure the connection with an adjustable wrench.

7.1. Connect the data cables and secure them tightly.

7.2. Tie the sensor cables together with the outlet hose by using a zip tie. Do not include the pull-down hose in the zip tie.

8. Install the counter-weight on the pull-down hose at the marked position (It should be placed on the line) and secure it with a cross screwdriver.

9. Remove the battery pack cover and take out the battery pack. Insert 4 pieces AA alkaline batteries. Fix back the battery pack into the control box.

10. Attach and secure the spray head onto the pull-down hose.

11. After finish installation steps 1-10, turn on the hot & cold water inlets back.

12. Turn on the faucet and wave your hand over the sensor. Water will automatically flows. Set water temperature to desired setting. The water temperature changes by manipulating the handle. The water will automatically stop in contentiously flowing 3 minutes. Remember to check no leakage.

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