What’s a goose neck sensor faucet? A faucet spout that has a rounded arc is known as a goose-neck faucet. Goose-neck sensor faucet is obviously with sensor instead of manual one. Gooseneck faucets can vary in height. Rajeyn’s touchfree gooseneck sensor water taps including height with 17cm, 23cm and 33cm. A touchless gooseneck basin faucet in your bathroom makes easy for washing arms etc. While in your kitchen makes easy work for washing large pots and pans.

Why are gooseneck sensor basin and kitchen faucets are so popular? A touchfree gooseneck faucet releases water much higher than conventional water taps, so the users do not have to bend as much or put strain on their back. Instead, the users can comfortably wash their hands and complete daily washing tasks with ease. Although gooseneck faucets are positioned high above the basin or sink, the user can still clean with accuracy.

Today we will introduce Rajeyn electronic gooseneck sensor water faucets. As mentioned earlier, there are three height options for basins. You can choose the model based on your need. The most popular model is the short one with 17cm height as it looks compact and cute when installed. You will find for those curved sensor faucets, the infrared sensor is fixed on the faucet spout and water hose is directly connected to the aerator not through faucet body. This design will create availability to get different certificates, such as CE, UPC, NSF. For these faucets, there are two optional control boxes and sensors. One type sensor distance is adjusted by a remote controller (RJY-K06) and the other is self-adjusted based on working environment (RJY-K07-1).

For the first type control box, there will be a small remote controller (need to buy separately). You press button 1 and button 2 to adjust sensor distance. The second type is much more intelligent. It will greatly solve some after-sales maintenance problems, such as self-flowing problem (after the faucet installed, the sensor detect the bright ceramic basin and water automatically flows). How it works? You install the water faucet to a bright round ceramic basin and connect the power supply. The sensor will automatically set the sensor range based on the round basin for example to 4-5cm. Then you remove the sensor faucet to another not-that-bright square ceramic basin and connect the power supply again. You may find the sensor range will be automatically set to 7-8cm for example. What does it mean? It means the sensor range is NOT fixed. Instead, the range will automatically set to the most suitable one based on different colors, shape basins, surface finish etc. Both two control boxes are energy saving. Four pieces AA alkaline batteries shall last approximately 3000 circles per month for over 1.5 years.

Do you like these goose-neck sensor water taps? Kindly send enquiry to  sj.peng@rajeyn.com for more information. You can also call Jo for quick communications at +86-15060017331. We are always here for help. Thank you.