Sensor basin faucets are commonly used in our daily life. Most of these touchless water taps sensor distance is adjusted by remote controller OR even cannot be adjusted. However, Rajeyn company launched a new technology for basin water faucets. The sensor distance is automatically adjusted based on different working environment and conditions. We call it auto-calibrated sensor distance faucet. Today we will introduce a new faucet model RJY-11-B114AD.

The faucets are convenient as it will open and close automatically by the sensor without manually operation. It’s hygiene too. Touchfree design provides hands free and germ free. On the other hand, the faucet saves water because the water will be turned on and turned off immediately to reduce overall water usage without sacrificing water pressure. The other important feature is the faucet is energy saving. Four pieces AA alkaline batteries shall last approximately 3000 circles/month for over 1.5 years.

Regarding to RJY-11-B114AD electrical faucet, it’s designed by a professional industrial design company. Rajeyn has appearance patent for this model. The infrared sensor is fixed on the faucet spout and water hose is directly connected to the aerator not through faucet body. This design will create availability to get different certificates, such as CE, UPC, NSF. The most important feature for this model is the sensor distance is set automatically according to different working conditions. For example, you install the touchfree faucet to a bright round ceramic basin and connect the power source. The sensor will automatically set the sensor distance based on the round basin for example to 4-5cm. Then you remove the water tap to another not-so-bright square ceramic basin and connect the power source again. You may find the sensor distance will be automatically set to 7-8cm for example. It means the sensor distance is NOT fixed. Instead, it will automatically set to the most appropriate distance based on different shape basins, colors, surface finish etc. This function will greatly solve some after-sales maintenance problems, such as self-flowing (after the faucet installed, the sensor detect the bright ceramic basin and water automatically flows).

Are you interested in this type of touchfree basin faucet? Would you like to know more about it? Kindly feel free to contact Jo for more details. Jo’s email is and her mobile phone No. Is +86-15060017331. We are always here for help. Thank you.