Automatic soap dispenser become very popular since Covid-19. There are many deck soap dispensers designed for family use in the market. Small, convenient and cute. They are good choices for family to defense with virus.

While in commercial places, can we use that? Answer is no!

For commercial use, the life span of the sensor and pump must be long. And the product should be durable enough against violent treatment in commercial places. Besides. the soap dispenser should not be move easily. And the soap capacity should be large enough.

What is our solutions? We make it faucet like and made of brass and chromed.

There is a big soap box under the basin so it can use long enough.

As for the power supply, we provide AC and DC versions. The best is to choose both. So it will use AC power normally. It will switch to DC battery automatically when power off. So it will provide service all the time.

And we choose foaming soap. It not only clean hands better but also saves soaps. The pumps we choose are long life span type to ensure the use in commercial places.

For more details, just contact us freely.