When you see this title, do you think it water power?While I have to tell you that it is not water power but no need recharge. It is one large capacity built-lithium battery which can last long 5 – 10 years!

Why not use water power supply? Because it is still not a material technology. The life span of water power supply is about 2 years. Without backup battery, users will have to discard it.

Then why not use chargeable battery? That is a good idea, but to be honest, most chargeable battery also have a short lifesapan and you will find the charging frequency higher and higher. Maybe about 6 months for first time, then 3 months, 1 months, one week…Then you will discard it too.

We are actually also looking into chargeable battery, but better quality and safer type. That is another topic.

You might have another question, what to do when the battery exhauseted? To answer it, I want to ask that how much do you think the users to cost on this product after 5 years maybe the ABS shell also start aging? And if you have have to replace the battery, the cost might be near a new one. The why not just get a new one!

About the function of this device, guess you have known it. It is touchless motion to control water on and off. It will be a big help when you have your hands with dirt and don’t want to touch the faucet handle. It is also for a healthy life without cross infection.

Besides, there are 6 sizes adapters. So it will fit most faucets in the market.

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