Touch free faucet is a obvious trend in the future. While most of families are still using manual faucets and they are working well. It is wasteful to replace them directly. So here comes an idea to make a sensor spout which can be attached to traditional faucet and turn it to touch free easily.

Here we are going to introduce one model with alkaline battery power supply.

You might ask why not use chargeable lithium battery. But isn’t it easier to replace the AA alkaline batteries than taking time to recharge often? The AA alkaline battery can last 1-2 years in normal use. And rechargeable battery need charge about every 3 months and the frequency will be higher and higher.

Does it complex to replace batteries? No! It is a quick click design. And you can take it out like a drawer. See following.








To make it durable enough in some places with high water pressure. It is brass adapters included. And provide 2 sizes, so it will fit more faucets.








How to install it? Is it hard? Not at all! Girls can do that easily and even no need extra tools. If need, just a wrench.







Most important, how to use? That is easier! When it is well fixed and first time to use it. Turn on the manual handle slowly firstly and make sure there is no leaking. Then keep the handle on, and motion before the sensor, water flows; motion again, water stops. If you forget to turn it off, it will help you to turn off automatically after 180s.

You might feel strange when you start to use sensors at first. But you will love it very very soon!

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