What’s solenoid valve? Solenoid valve works by employing the electromagnetic coil to either open or close the valve orifice. Solenoid valves are used wherever fluid flow (liquid) has to be controlled automatically. They are widely used in the most varied types of plants and equipment with the variety of different designs.When the coil within the solenoid is energized, the plunger is lifted or lowered to open or close the orifice. This is what in turn controls flow, regulating the movement of gas or liquid. Simply speaking, a solenoid converts electrical energy into mechanical work. The coils are made of many turns of tightly wound copper wires. When an electrical current flows through this wires, a strong magnetic field/flux is created. Then the valve will open or close accordingly.

There are many different types of solenoid valves available, bi-stable pulse solenoid valve is one of the main categories. When selecting a solenoid valve, it is important answer questions about the application and ensure that you are choosing a suitable and correct valve. Below is one of Rajeyn’s most popular pulse valve information for automatic water taps.



What’s the technical information for the water sensor faucet solenoid valve?

  1. Rating voltage: DC6V
  2. Working voltage: DC4.5V-6.6V
  3. Type: Pulse valve
  4. Resistance: 17Ω±0.5Ω(20°C)
  5. Pulse width: 35ms
  6. Medium temperature: 1-75℃
  7. Response time: turn on≤0.15s; turn off≤0.5s
  8. Working pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa
  9. Thread size: G1/2”

There are many different designs too from different aspects.

  1. You can choose 90 degree right angle or 180 degree straight valve.
  2. There are plastic material and brass material available.
  3. Water pipe sizes. The most popular is G1/2”. But there are also special sizes for different applications, such as 3/8”, 3/4”
  4. Water-way. Solenoid valve can be 2-way, 3-way or even 4-ways based on different applications.

Regarding to the solenoid valve life circle, as with any mechanical apparatus, proper and proactive maintenance and care of a solenoid valve can extend product life and ensure predictable operation. Averagely speaking , a solenoid valve life circle is over 500,000 circles on/off, definitely lasting over 5 years.