This exposed touchless toilet flusher is a one-piece design with a manual handle, which means the sensor, solenoid, and battery pack are all within the flush valve body. Best of all, this manual handle is mechanical, not electronic, which means that if the sensor doesn’t work or power is cut off, you still can control the manual handle to flush water.

How does this exposed sensor flush valve work?
When a person stands in the sensing range for over 3 seconds, the infrared touchless sensors detect the presence and are ready for work, and auto-flush 9 seconds after the person leaves. The technology is ideal for applications requiring a long and narrow detection range. General technical data as below:

Shipping information :
Master Carton: 670*325*215mm
Package: 9 sets/carton
Shipping Weight: 24kgs

This exposed touchless toilet flusher is automated flush, hygiene, saving water and energy. Suitable for new renovations and retrofits, turn common to automatic flushing. The touch-free features help to maintain hygiene in the surrounding. They are found in different shapes and designs with intelligent technology and low power consumption.

There is no need for the user to touch any surface which prevents vandalism and improves hygiene.