A sensor faucet, also known as a sensor tap, touchless tap, or auto tap, requires no user touch and can be set to various preferred volumes and temperatures. These infrared faucets are truly hands-free, allowing you to provide optimum comfort and efficiency. Browse our selection of sensor basin faucets for easy-to-use, hygienic faucet options for your bathroom.

Cleanliness starts with you! You can’t always know what’s on the surface of every product or thing you use, but you can limit your interactions with them. With the ever-increasing demand for hygiene, amenities that facilitate contactless use are needed to maintain these safety standards. With that in mind, I now want to introduce the popular sensor basin faucet for bathroom solutions; the sensor mounted on the faucet doesn’t require touching it at all! The sleek faucet body is made of brass for durability and resistance to scaling and other plumbing issues, and its chrome finish makes it suitable for any bathroom environment. This automatic faucet can run on battery or both battery and mains power, depending on your choice. Combine it with the RAJEYN Sensor Foaming Soap Dispenser for a completely touch-free sanitizing experience

RAJEYN Automatic Sensor Basin Tap RJY-11-B101AD:


This type has 3 colors are available, Chrome, Matt Black, and White for your selection. This IR sensor-operated automatic basin faucet or bathroom sensor taps, including brass faucet body, sensor control box, and power adapter. Different types and different colors are available, depending on your demand.



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Sensor Faucet Drawing


How to Use this touchless auto faucet: