Round shape design sensor urinal flush valve for ceramic bowls are more and more popular in market, especially for the type that water comes out from the round sensor plate. Rajeyn company launched a new model that with round shape and the water dispensed from the sensor plate. We will have a detailed introduction today.

First of all, how this sensor works? The function is actually the same as the regular shape urinals. It’s like this. When a person stands in the sensing area (before usage), the urinal flusher will auto flush for 2 seconds; 2 seconds after the person leaves, the urinal flusher will automatically flush for about 6 seconds. However, the urinal flusher only flushes ONCE if used continuously over 2 times within 1min. The flush system will automatically flush for 6 seconds if there’s no usage for 24 hours.

Since the water comes out from the sensor plate instead of the ceramic bowl, the urinal ceramic bowl design is different from usual one. There’s no small holes in the bowl for water flow and the whole system looks nicer.

RJY-22-P101AD sensor plate is round with diameter ∅45mm*12mm (thickness) and the sensor housing is black crescent shape. The plate material is ABS and color is white or chroming. How to fix the sensor plate to the urinal bowl? You will noticed that there is screw nut for the plate, which will be fixed at the back of the ceramic bowl. The maximum ceramic thickness is 14mm.

As for the solenoid valve, there are a few options. For example, you can use either plastic or brass solenoid valve. Or solenoid valves with/without water regulator, depending on your purchase budget. Rajeyn’s factory default solenoid valve is made of brass and plastic with a separated water regulator, from which customers can adjust water flow from the regulator.

Battery pack and adapters are the optional power sources. You can choose DC power by battery pack or electricity power by transformers/adapters. Most of the customers prefer both DC and AC. Why? Because if there’s no electricity, the standby battery pack will automatically switched on, which ensures the whole system is working smoothly.

Rajeyn’s wires are all waterproof. You will find a four-pin waterproof wire from the sensor eye. This wire is for power and solenoid valve. The wire length is up to 80cm, which will fit different ceramic designs. The battery pack and power adapter wires are waterproof DC-wire.

Besides, there are two pieces stainless steel water hoses. One is curved connecting from the ceramic bowl to the solenoid valve and the other is from solenoid valve to the main water supply. The water hose lengths are 60cm and 30cm respectively.

This is the general introduction of ceramic urinal flush valve RJY-22-P101AD. For more information you can check details in Rajeyn official website at